Quite hard

During the last couple of days I have been working on this portrait of my parents:

My parents
My parents

It was quite hard, and I didn’t get it entirely right, yet. For example, my mother’s mouth has been done at least five times, but it still doesn’t look exactly as it should. It’s close, though. I was wrestling with the colours a bit again. I tried fixating the drawing in between, to make sure that I could add new layers and also overdraw the previous layer if necessary.

I got some Caran d’Ache pencils last week, to use next to the Cretacolor pencils. They are a bit softer, and they fill up the paper more easily, which causes me to have more difficulty adding layers (the paper is full). Fixating helps a little, though. I do love the Caran d’Ache pencils because they blend more easily, but for finer details the Cretacolor pencils are a bit better. I will combine them and use both to their strengths.

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