Finch is here!

Remember the Finch I won in the Just Batty challenge? It arrived last week! Just in time to still spin a little bit on it during the Tour de Fleece. I got to pick the Finch from a couple of options, and I chose one in lilac wood, 10 grams. It spins like a dream! It’s very easy to spin a very thin yarn on it. I actually started spinning the silk on my Kuchulu (8 grams) and had to try my best not to spin too thin  on my 10 grams Finch!

Pictures of my little Lale (Turkish for tulip):

2014-07-22 17.41.48
Finch from the back
2014-07-22 17.42.03
2014-07-22 18.53.55
Finch dressed in silk
2014-07-22 18.54.55
Left: Kuchulu, right: Finch

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