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Colourway of the Month

Every month, Dutch Wool Diva has an image contest in her Ravelry group, to determine the custom colourway that she will dye for the next month. One month it’s a skein of yarn, the other it’s a braid of fiber. Group members are asked to submit a beautiful picture, inspired by a theme set by the Diva herself, to inspire her back with colours and dynamics.

The theme for May was the “roaring twenties”. Just before the deadline of May 1st, I managed to find a picture of a 1922 painting by Frank Xavier Leyendecker, of a woman with colourful butterfly wings, rising up like a phoenix. It was a strong image, and I immediately knew that this was going to be my entry. I named it “Flap your wings” and posted in the contest thread.

The Flapper - Frank Xavier Leyendecker (1922)
The Flapper – Frank Xavier Leyendecker (1922)

A couple of days later I got a surprise: an earburn lead me back to the thread, to find out that my image was chosen to be the inspiration for this month’s custom fiber! I felt honoured, of course, and Agnès showed a picture of what it would look like. The base is Finnish Wool Top. She took out five strong colours and dyed the top in a variegated way. This week the fiber arrived, and it looks great! I will probably spin it during the Tour de Fleece.

Flap your wings
Flap your wings

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