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Cocoberry Cowl nr. 2

After knitting my prototype, I knew that I had to knit the Cocoberry Cowl at least one more time to work out any kinks. So I took out some Posh Sylvia DK (merino/silk) and started knitting! I did find some mistakes and some things that were a bit unclear in my pattern as it was. I even found out that I made a mistake with the big flowers in the first cowl: I accidentally left out two nupps on each flower… oops!

The second Cocoberry Cowl also was my entry for the Ravellenics, the Ravelry-wide event that takes place during the Olympic Games. In the NKS group, we call it the Raveoly. I managed to finish the cowl within the time limit (except for the buttons, which had to come from the USA – they didn’t make it in time), and today I finally received the buttons and really finished the cowl! The Posh Sylvia DK is gorgeous yarn (although mine bled a little – not uncommon for intense blue colours) and creates a great stitch definition.

DSCF1466 DSCF1467 DSCF1468 DSCF1469 DSCF1470 DSCF1471 DSCF1472 DSCF1473


It looks really lovely, the pattern works great with the semisolid yarn, and the yarn has a nice roundness that shows off the pattern… however… I would not recommend this yarn for this specific pattern. The silk content makes the item less elastic, causing the ribbing around the neck to sink. The other (BFL) cowl didn’t have that problem at all. Wool springs back into position, silk drapes. A bit of silk would be okay, I guess, but 50/50 is too much. Good to know!

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