Rockefeller the 2nd

Last year I participated in the Mystery KAL by Stephen West, and knitted his Rockefeller shawl in two skeins of Tausendschön (blue and pale yellow). Very pretty, but, as I got a colour analysis this year, not the right colours for me. Add to that that I found a hole right in the middle of the shawl which looked quite hard to fix, and the fact that this shawl has a very comfortable shape, I had enough reasons to consider reknitting the pattern in different yarn.

I selected two skeins of yarn in colours that suited me, and that seemed to combine pretty well: Easyknits DW+ in the colourway Metallurgy (kind of pale thundercloud green) and Wollmeise Twin in Wolke (which is actually quite purplish). I also took the opportunity to make some mods to the design: I decided to knit clue 4 before clue 3 to make sure that the gorgeous border would be knitted along the whole shawl instead of just the middle part, and I knitted clue 4 quite like clue 1 (so not entirely in garter stitch).

The result is very pleasing, I love the colour combination and it looks good on me. It feels really comfy, and part of me is kind of sad that it’s still summer, so it’s too warm to wear it. Happy!

Some pictures of the shawl:

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