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From June 8-16 it’s world wide Knit In Public week, so for the third year in a row a bunch of Karma Sisters came together to knit in public. This time, we met in the Wilhelminapark in Utrecht. We were lucky: this turned out to be the first day of nice weather in a long time. Even though it was still a bit chilly in the morning, mostly because of the strong wind, it became quite comfortable in the afternoon, and of course we had nice company.

About thirty knitters turned up, all bringing a knitting, spinning or crocheting project, and some snacks. Of course, Abessijn brought her red wine chocolate cake, a classic by now, and there was quiche, chocolate, lots of chocolate, fruit, rhubarb cake and more! We had such a great time, and I took the opportunity to take a lot of photographs. The day flew by very fast, so fast in fact that some proposed to make it a KIP week next year, just so they would be able to really chat with everybody!

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