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Helahola party

If you knit a lot, it’s almost inevitable to sometimes find yourself not liking a project anymore. A scarf that is very repetitive can seem endless and boring, a colour can suddenly not be in your palette anymore after a colour analysis, sometimes you get to know nicer yarn, making the cheap yarn harder to work with since you’ve been spoiled… in those cases, it’s a good idea to just frog the project, reclaiming the yarn for other purposes and getting the weight of the WIP off your shoulders.

Last Wednesday, a group of knitters came together at Anna’s place in Den Bosch for a helahola party (if you share the experience with other people, drinking tea and eating cake, it’s a lot less annoying). It happened to be the first really nice day of the year as well, so we sat outside the whole afternoon, next to the canal, enjoying the company and the sun.

Some projects were not even frogged, they just found themselves new owners instead. We also learned some interesting things about “panda points” and autism. Apparently and amazingly, we share a lot of similar experiences, even though we sometimes have little in common apart from our knitting addiction. That is one of the amazing things about our NKS group on Ravelry: we meet people we wouldn’t normally encounter, and discover that we share a lot.

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