Free Cardis KAL

In the Dutch Crafters Group, there is a KAL, called the “Vrije Vestjes KAL”, which started on September 1st. I just love cardis and of course I wanted to participate! I decided to knit a Pole cardigan, with Cascade 220 yarn in a nice turquoise.

I started knitting immediately on September 1st, and spent quite some time knitting this week. Using the thicker worsted weight yarn, I made progress really fast. While knitting, I decided to add edgings to both the body and the sleeves. The cardi consists almost entirely of stockinette stitch, which has the unfortunate property of rolling up. An edging would prevent this, I hoped.

I knitted a very loose brioche edging, and a tighter one on the sleeves, and the results are very nice. I think I knitted a bit too tight at the attachment of the sleeves, to try and prevent gaps, but some aggressive blocking might fix that.

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