Mystery revealed!

Yesterday, I finished the Westknits Mystery KAL! I also soaked and blocked it immediately. Because of the warm weather we’re having, the shawl’s already dry. I’m quite pleased with the result, even though I would probably not have bought this design if I had seen the end product beforehand. However, a KAL is about more than the resulting shawl. You also get to learn new techniques and you knit it together with thousands of other knitters, with whom you can talk about it and share your progress. In this case, I learned about i-cords – how to use them as the border of a shawl, and how to do an i-cord bindoff. I learned how to do German shortrows. I also knitted with two colours in an easy way, and created nice multicolour patterns with slipped stitches. I will cherish these techniques and use them again in the future!

The unavoidable photo gallery:

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