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Last week, during the KarmaKIPnick, I started knitting an improvised shawl. In the mean time I have been frogging and re-knitting it a couple of times, and now I finished it. Yesterday it has been blocking for the whole day, and now it’s ready for a photo shoot. It is now officially called Assepoester, the Dutch name for the fairytale figure Cinderella.

Despite the intricate appearance, the shawl is not very hard to knit. That’s why I decided to write the pattern down. Today I finished it, and with the adding of some pictures of the finished shawl, the pattern is ready for publishing. I added it to the Ravelry database, and received quite some nice, positive reactions. It has also been bought already, by two eight people!

IMG_7234 IMG_7245 IMG_7244 IMG_7240

One more thing, and I’m quite proud of this: on Ravelry, my pattern is now in the Top Five of the Hot Right Now List!


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