You probably think I’m crazy…

… but one week ago, I stood in line in the middle of the night to buy the new iPad!


I’ve had my iPad 2 since June last year, and I’ve used it every day. My PC has made a lot less hours, and I’ve used the printer a lot less as well. Slowly I’m adding my sheet music to my digital database, and knitting patterns also work great on the iPad. However, when I heard about the high resolution display of the new iPad, I knew I wanted to upgrade. I read so much, and the slightly ragged characters put a bit of a strain on the eyes, which I expected to avoid when using the new iPad. And boy, was I right!

David and I were staying up on Thursday night to go to a local Dixons for the launch of the new iPad. It felt a little like staying up on Old Year’s Eve as a child. We were at the shop at 11.20 pm and there were about ten people standing there already. Looking good! Waiting in line was very nice, the people were friendly and most of them were as surprised about themselves as we were that we were there. At 11.45 the doors opened, and we were welcomed with coffee and tea. We had to wait until 0.01 for the sales to start.

When it was our turn, I managed to buy the last 64GB white model they had, but David didn’t get the black one he wanted. So, off to the MediaMarkt, to see whether they still had some. There was quite a line there, but as it turned out, they had plenty of iPads, so David was a happy camper too when we went home. And I’m quite in love with the new screen. It’s crisp and clear, and I don’t have the problem of it being too yellow like some people report. Now I will sell my old 64GB white iPad 2. Who wants it?

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