Spinning autumn leaves

During the past week, I have been spinning a very nice superwash BFL top in autumnal colours. Some greens, reds, yellows and a lot of amber. Not really my colours, at least not for wearing near my face, but I do love those colours, they give me a warm feeling.


Spinning BFL is great, it’s smooth like butter, doesn’t easily break because of the long staple length and it’s soft, so soft! This time I spun the superwash version, and I didn’t feel a real difference with spinning the non-superwash version. I spun a thin single (a bit thinner than sock yarn) and then chain plied it into a 3-ply DK-ish thickness.

In my next spinning project, I will probably try making a 2-ply, because I now have a Competition Lazy Kate and I want to try it out. Also, I’d like to make some thinner yarns as well (even though I really enjoy the thicker weights). I still have to decide what to spin next, it might be some pink Wensleydale, or maybe my order of more BFL will arrive soon…

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