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Oh boy!

Today I finished a new drawing that I started at the beginning of this week. Unfortunately, the daylight time is getting shorter, so I will have to buy a daylight lamp/bulb at some point. I didn’t buy one yet because first I’d like to figure out what is the most practical. Until now, I just sat down next to the window with my paper attached to a cutting board, but if I get a lamp, I will have to draw at a table (if it is a table lamp), at an easel (if it is attachable), or do what I did but buy a more expensive standing lamp. I don’t have an easel (yet) either, so there’s still some thinking left to do.

Anyway, the drawing. My 4-year-old nephew is in it. I tried to draw him realistically and to capture his personality. I’m quite happy with the result, although he somehow does look a bit more grown-up than I intended.


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