The Garden with Countless Windows

Today, ÆroDynamic, my trio since 2004, presented her first CD: “The Garden with Countless Windows”. On it is a selection of both modern classical music and medieval music. The connecting theme is the always present Change in our lives, either for good or bad, and the way people handle those changes. Do we fight, pray, enjoy, surrender or ignore?

2012-11-11 15.16.00

The CD took quite some time to finish. We recorded it in 2010, but our editor lost part of the tracks in a computer crash (and the moron didn’t have a backup), and so we had to re-record part of the CD in summer 2011. After that, it still took a long time to finish everything, but finally, it’s here!

Listening to the CD, I feel pride for what we’ve accomplished, but I also sense that we’ve grown since then. Technically I would approach some things differently, but that’s only normal, I guess.

Today’s presentation concert was great. The Amstelkerk was full of friends, family and music enthusiasts. We really enjoyed playing some music from the CD, and also performing some new music, as a road sign for the future. After the concert, David and I went out for tapas with some friends we hadn’t seen in a long time.

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