Healthy plans

Today I decided to really start losing weight. During the past one and a half year I gained quite a lot of weight, I guess maybe 10-15 kilos. This is partly due to my medication, partly due to three months of sitting still because of my knee, and partly due to lack of self control when it came to eating.

It’s really starting to bug me that I became so much fatter. Clothes don’t fit anymore, I hate looking at myself in the mirror and of course it’s unhealthy. Time for some concrete plans!

I do get enough exercise. I go to fysiotherapy thrice a week, and I start regaining my knee functions slowly. We reconnected the Wii, and once my knee is stronger, I will start doing balance exercises and ask a little more from myself. I will also fix my bike and slowly and carefully go riding regularly.

The we have eating habits. My plan is to avoid sugar as much as possible, and to also limit my intake of carbohydrates. I will take care of having enough fruit present to ‘snack’ at difficult moments. I will make sure not to take too big portions at dinner time. We won’t buy snack food anymore, because you can’t eat what is not there.

Finally, I will make a doctor’s appointment this week to discuss my medication. I’ve been taking antidepressants for a year now, and I’d like to try and do without them. In general, I feel much better than I did last year, and I’m curious as to whether I still need them. During my three months of couch sitting I was quite down because there was so little I could do, so that was not such a good time to stop, but now that I feel more active, the right moment could be there.

I hope I’m not being overly enthusiastic, it should still be doable, but I expect this to be good for me. In a month or two I probably can start running again. Perhaps I will, but I think I’d really like to start skating. In a couple of weeks we will visit a friend who does that, and perhaps he can help me get started.

Wish me luck, I will need it!

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