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I’m really into knitting (lace) shawls at the moment! It’s so nice to look for a beautiful pattern, find the perfect yarn for it, and knit it! I even recently started knitting lace with lace weight yarn, which is great, since I love knitting with smaller needles and fine yarn!

Saraste, a Möbius cowl, knitted out of a Schoppel Zauberball Lace in the colourway Brombeeren.

My third Traveling Woman, made out of Drops Delight.

First, I made a nice Saraste out of a Schoppel Zauberball Lace for Hannah in the handmade swap of the Dutch Karma Group. Meanwhile, I worked on a third Traveling Woman, the first which was for me… I used Drops Delight, in pretty green and purple. The long and gradual colour changes work quite well with the pattern.

The Secret Garden Shawl. Easier than it looks, and nice and warm to wear!

Then, I started knitting a Secret Garden Shawl, my first round shawl, and I made it out of a beautiful dark green alpaca and wool mix, very soft, but it still keeps its shape after blocking because of the wool content. A blue Bamboo Waterfall followed, which I gifted to Eva for her birthday.

A Bamboo Waterfall, made out of SuperSoxx in a bamboo, wool and acrylic mix. Perfect for the summer!

And now I’m working on a Hanami stole, inspired by Japanese baskets and cherry blossoms. It’s a nice project, but definitely not tv knitting. I really have to focus to avoid making mistakes, but the pattern looks amazing! I already love the shawl and can’t wait to finish it.

The beginning of the Hanami Stole. There are beads at the edge. I’m now in my fourth repeat of chart A.

2 thoughts on “Project update

  1. Ik ben nog steeds verbijsterd over het feit dat je de shawl van de bovenste foto aan mij hebt gegeven, ik vind hem zo mooi dat ik hem eigenlijk niet eens ‘durf’ te dragen.

  2. Ik vond het heel leuk om dit voor je te breien, en juist omdat je mij het patroon gegeven hebt indertijd klopte het natuurlijk precies! Gewoon dragen hoor, hij is ervoor gemaakt!

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