Listen to music for free!

Did you discover Spotify already? Spotify is an online music streaming service. In short, an enormous database with loads of music, to which you can listen via the internet. To get to the music, you have to install the application, and create an account, which is absolutely free! They have quite a lot of music, and quite a bit of classical music as well! I really like it, it’s like an interactive radio station!

There are three kinds of subscriptions for Spotify. The first one is free, and you’re allowed to listen to 20 hours of music every month, with some small commercial breaks in between. Then there is a paid account of 5 euros a month, no commercials, no time limit. Finally, they offer a premium account, where you may also save the music offline and listen to it via your telephone. This last subscription costs 10 euros per month. It seems much at first, but think about the price of one CD. If you buy one CD per one or two months, you already benefit from subscribing, and you can listen to and download as much music as you want!

How do you do this? Go to their website and choose the type of subscription you want. You’re then asked to choose a username and password. Once you’ve made an account, you can download and install the application. Log in inside the application with the username and password you chose before, and you can start browsing and listening to music! David and I both use this great initiative a lot!

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