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I have started to write about health as an incentive to be honest to myself about health issues. Like many people I have the tendency to either overdramatise what is going on or underestimate long-term danger of certain behaviours. Health and body image are very important and if something is up with either it can make you feel very vulnerable.

In my health blog posts I will tell my story and my way of dealing with my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I hope that people who read my stories will appreciate me sharing them, perhaps even learn something, even if it’s just that they’re not the only ones experiencing something.

A small introduction may be in order. I’m a Dutch woman in my late thirties, and I have embarked on that well-known mysterious adventure called life. In the past years I have not been very healthy, even if I find it hard to admit this. I was depressed for a while, I was overweight, got hypothyroidism, hurt my knee, and was generally more busy with what I thought I had to do than with truly living.

I am trying to change this and become more healthy and more compassionate towards myself and others. To achieve this I read everything about these subjects that I can find, and I have long and deep talks with good friends. I regularly write in my private journal and self-reflect. I want to go into therapy as well and will have to organise that finally.

I invite you to join me on my journey away from bad health and being just a passenger in my life.

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