Knitting and meditation

As some of you may know, I’m overworked at the moment. I have to get a lot of rest and relaxation to regain my energy, and it could take a couple more months before I can slowly start thinking about taking up my studies again… so I have this load of free time in which I’m more or less supposed to do something for me that’s both relaxing and not too exhausting to do. What could be better than knitting quietly on the sofa, with some nice music and a pot of tea within reach, while the sun warms you and the cats snore next to you? Actually, you could say I’m knitting at doctor’s orders at the moment, since it’s therapy for me right now. Every disadvantage has its advantages…

So… I’ve been knitting a lot in the past few weeks. A cowl for Hannah in the handmade swap of the Dutch Karma group on Ravelry… a circular shawl (my first)… a shawl for my mum (sssh!)… some socks have been started, but they are plain socks, so not very inspiring… I started a Hanami stole with beads, and am also working on a Star Trek themed handmade… so, a lot’s going on here!

I’m always fascinated by how soothing knitting can be. How you can think about your worries without actually worrying. How you can sort things out while ssk’ing and how your energy grows with the WIP. It’s amazing, really. Making something with your own hands feels so good. And when it’s finished, you have a tangible, beautiful product to show for it. Something lots of people should experience again in this overly mind-directed, abstract society we have. It’s like in Michael Ende’s Momo, a book a lot of adults should be required to read. Time is not something we can save. We only live in this moment, and could experience the moment more consciously. Don’t postpone your passions. Live.

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